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Friday, March 10, 2006

Go Joel

For those who are not Canadian, the Juno's are the Canadian version of the Grammy's. I don't watch the grammys and I don't watch the junos. But I did decide to take a look at the list today on itunes to check out what songs I might want to get. And what do I see? Joel Plaskett is nominated for Songwriter of the year. I am so pleased! Joel went to Halifax West High School with me way back in the day. We were in music classes together. Sometimes when you look at who you've gone to school with and are green about people who's been more successful, more famous blah blah than you. But I'm genuinely happy for Joel in his success. He's always been passionate about music and it's nice to see that his obvious hardwork is paying off. Honestly I've not listened to his music since the Thrush Hermit days, but now that I'm back in Canada, I'm sure to get exposed more to his work. I really hope he wins. It also helps that when we were in high school he was always nice to talk to even if we didn't hang out in the same crowds.
Some updates on me: I'm no longer a lady of leisure these days as I've taken a contract to do some work. So, I am officially working for myself. It's a very exciting time. Great that my first clients are some of my dearest friends and it's fun to work together. Then again, it would be that if it wasn't them I probably would not have taken a contract. I'm learning something new again and it's fun to do that again. It's been a while. I'm not sure this is what I want to do long term, but it's a start at trying something new and we'll see what I learn from this experience. Last weekend, I went and got some Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick to make a vest - Patons, Bella vest. Bella is a yarn that's discontinued and I think the Lions brand one is working out okay. I was looking for a cheap and easy to get yarn (At Michaels). The back of the sweater is done in a matter of a few sessions at night (not able to knit as much now given my working during the day). While it is satisfying to work up something quickly like this with such fat yarn (on 9mm needles), I am finding it hurts my hands a lot more. So, I'm not able to knit for any extended period. That, is not satisfying.


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