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Friday, March 17, 2006


I know I shouldn't feel this way but I do. I hate the vest. Sigh, I'm so disappointed. I finished knitting and sewing up the vest today. I picked up the stitches on the neck band, I did all the things you're supposed to do and I put it on and I think it looks hideous. I guess it's just a little too tight for my liking and the bulky yarns in a tight vest makes me look extra fat and exaggerates all the knitting stitches so even good stitches look like crap. I'll block it in a few days and see if it looks any better. If it doesn't, I'll see if my skinny sister or mom might like to have it, otherwise, it'll likely go to donation or something. Unless I have the heart to rip it up and take the yarn back for something. Goodness knows what I want to make with that yarn. I am rather glad to have knitted it. I am pleased about finishing it, and the knitting itself was good. But I am really pissed that I wanted to have something to wear soon and there it is, can't wear it. It looks like crap on me. Take-Aways: 1. I may have to never knit bulky yarns for my own clothes ever again. I look like crap in them. 2. I need to knit vests up a size at least, or it'll look crappy. 3. Don't get my hopes up too much on any sweater since it may never look as good as you wish when you are knitting it. I'll just have to go wear my phildar sweater some more and try to feel better about myself. That sweater looks great on me. Agh... And I wanted to quickly pick myself up with another project since I was so bummed out about this one. I went and got out this sock pattern I wanted to try, then read the instructions more carefully and realized that I'm missing a set of double points that it calls for. Sign... Two choices now. Run out and get the needles, or go back to knit a tried and true pattern. We'll decide some time this weekend.


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