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Saturday, February 18, 2006

KO Progress

So, yesterday, I ripped up the whole sock, and cast on again and started it again. Then when we got to the heel, (haha, I typed hell at first) I went and dug up more sock patterns all over the place in my knitting magazines and found other patterns. I read the other patterns and realized that I was reading my pattern wrong! All you need is something to be put in another way and it makes more sense. I go back to my pattern, read it again and then realized that I was making it harder than it was supposed to be! agh! I proceed on to the heel when G comes home, so that he can watch Flour as I work. He get caught up in a movie and I'm invested in my sock. Just as I am finishing the heel flap, Flour has an accident. So, drop all knitting to clean her up, clean up the pee and decide to jump right back into the knitting. Of course, this means I'm going to make a mistake and I do. I mess up the decreases in the instep shaping but I decided to proceed on. It's not a horrid mistake. I'm going to get to the toe shaping since I need to practise that. Then I'm going to knit the second sock, I'm going to do it right and I'll come back and rip up this one and knit it again. But at least I'll feel as if I'm making progress, not to mention I need to check on sizing. Might as well make sure this size is comfortable before starting the second sock. It's been challenging but fun. I might end up being a sock knitter after the end of all this. It's rather satisfying to knit something that is self finishing and you can use on a daily basis. And after all, there's all that sock yarn for me to try out too! But seriously, I need to get a set of sock blockers before KO os over. After all, it's not only about the perfect knitting of socks but finishing. And it's not finished if it's not washed and blocked. Now, let's see if I can get a photo of this sock up It's a faulty sock, but not one that's too ugly to see the light of day.

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