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Monday, February 13, 2006

Cross Stitch, Good Friends, Good Food

The title really says it all. I spent the past long weekend (Thursday - Sunday) travelling to and from Nashville, TN. Why was I in Nashville? I was graciously invited by my designer friends (see links on the right) to attend the Nashville Market with them while they showcase their wonderful new designs to the Cross Stitch retailers. I was lucky enough to be able to help out with the set-up and receiving for the show and got a chance to go around and check out the new designers myself. It was a most singular experience for me. I was the ultimate lucky fan to be able to go to all my favourite designers, rave about my love for their work and check out the new designs before it hits the local store. (I also got to meet up with Gitta's crew at the show as well.) I was so lucky to have had everyone be so kind to speak with me when they are not busy and everyone was so generous with their knowledge. I can't wait until all the new designs hit the stores! As for me personally, I found the experience of being with all the creative designers for the weekend inspirational. I'm all ready to do more stitching and I'm itching to explore some designing on my own. Maybe one day, I'll have the chance to join all my favourite designers and my friends in the future. And of course, as promised, I did cast on on Friday on my knitting and am working on the sock. Working very hard on it right now. so far, so good. I'm working on the heel and am really hoping it works out. I just have to trust the pattern and hope it works out. We'll see. And on the food front, I had one of the best southern meals I've ever had at Monell's. I can't wait to go back. I'm even thinking that the next time G has a Nashville business trip, I'll join him and make sure we go and hit all the southern cooking. I swear, I must have been from the south in my past life. I have no explanation for my love of southern cooking given my background. My favourites and those who took time to speak with me, I link following: (You'll all love the new designs!) Bent Creek Heart in Hand With My Needle The Trilogy Dragon Dreams Enchanting Lair K's Creations (I went in to tell them how I loved their products and excellent customer service and Kay hugged me! Got to love that!) Rainbow Gallery Weeks Dye Works R & R Reproductions Lakeside Linens The French Needle Dragon Fire Designs Great Bear Canada Charland Designs Just Nan Brightneedle Hoffman Distributing And one more update, finished my second French course also with a good mark. Another A, no, not as good as last time, but hell, I barely had time to study, so I'm thrilled anyway.


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