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Thursday, January 19, 2006

8 days...

It's been a little while since I've blogged since I've spent most of the time with Flour. We've moved her to a bigger location (bathroom instead of just her crate) and I can't so easily work on the computer now that I'm 'watching' her there. We haven't weighed her since her last week's visit to the vet for shots, but today, she definitely looks bigger to me! I could just be seeing things. I do look at her all day between stitching and reading. Most important update really is just that I've gone into RH to tell them I won't be available for the next two months while I house train the dog and so, who knows if they had to terminate the temp contract or not. But we talked about going back if I become free again. I might just do that. But for now, I'm nicely unemployed again. The reading, and stitching however has been going quickly. On the weekends I'm a mad cooking and cleaning housekeeper as we try to prep enough meals for the week in one weekend. I feel like super housewife while I make three dishes at once while doing load after load of laundry. We'll likely do the same thing this weekend. G can watch Flour while I do the other things around the house. I think however, I'd like to go and buy somethings and exchange a xmas present. We'll see.... On a side note, finally installed Virtual PC on my Mac to try out and it's worth doing. Set-up was super easy and now I can run just about any PC app on my mac. Still got to optimize the memory set-up, but now there's just about no reason to ever keep a PC in the house anymore. And on the amusing note, I install windows, it runs for a while and crashes. Virtual PC is still running and Mac is still running but windows xp crashes and restarts and sends a severe crash report to Microsoft. Yeah, just reminded me immediately why I don't like it. I can't believe it blue-screened me within 3 hours. If I didn't find it so funny I suppose I would be annoyed.

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