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Monday, November 14, 2005

French Class and Work

D'abord, I wrote something last week and proceeded to lose all of it. So, been slow to recap it all over again. French class has been going well. It's turning out to be a lot more fun to learn something again than I expected. I thought it would be difficult to sit and attend class for two hours, but when the subject is fun and I'm really into it, it's not hard. And then I thought I would have a rough time trying to study and do home work, but me and home work is like fish to water. I am a geek and I know it. I'm born to do homework. Turns out I have no trouble concentrating on a subject for some time. So, it's going well so far. The only thing is that to be going to class right after working for many hours is really very difficult for me, I'm just physically so drained from work. I've never before in my life been on my feet so much as in this job! I've just done a 38+ hour week all standing and walking. My feet and legs are killing me. While yes, this is super training for my trip to Paris after xmas, it's just so draining! Today, the pedometer read 11000+ steps and that's in 6 hours of stocking, not on the floor. So far, I've worked in the stockrooms for about half the time for the last two weeks. Twice to set-up the store on a Sunday nights and spent on whole Saturday on the floor, and two days in training. In some ways, I'm a 'natural'. I don't have trouble with the customer service, I can work cash since it's really just a simple computer interface. Hell, I could program the thing! What's having to do things for 2 or 3 customers at a time while they scream at you and give you unhappy stressed looks. That's just another day at my old job while I still had to manage projects and debug something. At least at this job, the happy customers smile at you and chat when they are happy. No big consequences to anything. Now, this is the shocking part, while it's a struggle to make small talk (after all, that's part of the reason to do this job, to train myself to do this type of thing); all you GS people should know that I'm NOT HAVING TROUBLE BEING NICE TO PEOPLE!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm shocked as all hell too. So, so far, fun but dead tired. Physically stressed, mentally not. But I admit, I'm crankier than when I wasn't working since I hurt so much from all the standing and walking! The only way to alleviate the pain is to take a bath every night when I get home. I tried not talking one and immediate woke up in the morning with a lot of pain. So, kudos to all those who are on their feet all day. I thought it'd be hard, and now I know for sure that it really is hard! As for me, I'm sure all future days to come will run hot and cold on the fun since after all, it's the Xmas season. While I'm helping others finish their Xmas shopping, I'm working all the good shopping hours and don't know when I'll be finished my shopping! So, on my behalf, be nice to the next person you meet who's been on their feet all day.


As a former retail worker myself...take that warm bath (get some of those salt soaks for muscles) and have Gary rub your feet. Seriously. It's all about the foot rub...
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