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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

At one with the world

Steps: 15000 G's home from business trip and we got to go to French class together and I got a ride. My feet were happier. The weather is turning colder and even the walk across the street is starting to feel a little much. It's supposed to snow tonight, we'll see if we actually have any. But I'm glad that work isn't any further than across the street when the wind is gusting like it was today. I'm learning at work that there's really no need to be THAT into it. I'll just stand around when the store is slow. I'll need the break when I can get it. I move myself into not working 100%. Progress no? Mais Oui, I think so! I got my first pay check today. I'll deposit it on the weekend and feel accomplished. I would say that I need to go out an get something for my hard earned money, but honestly, I've already spent part of it. I got myself the Denise Needle Set and while I don't love it as much as some other there in the webverse. I do like it a lot. It's just not as fast as the addi turbos that I like so much more. But the addis cost SO much more as well. So, what's it like to spend money that I haven't yearned yet? I feel like the masses. I just need to accumulate some major credit card debt and I'll feel at one with the North American public. Okay, I won't go that far. That's one passing fancy I don't need to act on.


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