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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Remedy?

Tonight we went to Koolhaus and saw the Jason Mraz concert. I saw him last year at the Beacon Theatre on the West side in NYC and it was one of the best concerts ever. He's a great performer and entertainer and I told myself I'd even travel to see another concert because he was so good. Not only did he write the songs on his CDs, he'll rewrite them for the performances. I love the improve singing and the skit like shows. The show at the Beacon was acoustic and was great. This time, this concert was in promotion of the new CD, Mr. A-Z. He played for nearly 2 hours and did two encores. Most of the performance was NOT acoustic and was quite loud. The sound at Koolhaus was a little lacking but I think the sound guy didn't do that great of a job. However, the performance covered favourites from the first CDs and about 80% of the new CD. He didn't play with the lyrics of songs as much as I would have wanted and the sound quality did take away some of the enjoyment of the performance. However, it was a great time and well worth it even though I stood for hours. I wasn't crazy though, we didn't show up when the doors open as I wasn't about to stand that long watching opening acts. I'm getting old for that. As it is, standing three hours did hurt my knees at the end of it. Will I do it again, yeah. It's still that good.


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