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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

There are no kids coming around to get candy and show you their costumes if you live in our building. None of our friends have parties, so we're just old folks at home not really celebrating Halloween. G's work has a contest for carved pumpkins, so yesterday we got a pumpkin while we went to South Bayview street to the butcher (weekly trip these days) and while I was at work, he carved it. Here's a photo of it. I'm also including a thumbnail size photo of it which shows more of the kitchen (click to see more of the kitchen). text IMG_1019.JPG I hope he wins the contest at work. The other bad thing is that I don't get to justify getting candy. If I was still at work, I'd make sure to get a bunch, since it's sure that Jocelyn and I would get to enjoy them for a while (and everyone else who comes by too.) I hope she's got a good supply this year. In the meantime, I had to make do with eating some mini Aero chocolate bars at work. Someone brought them in as part of pot-luck. I haven't had an aero bar for years. It's like the coffee crisp, only available in Canada.


I love it! I also like seeing a little bit of your home now. I miss you!!!!

Yes, I got your email and yes, there will be details and photos of the kitchen!
I have to go to 8th floor to get candy! If I kept it by my desk I would eat the entire stash in like 2 days! I need you there to monitor me and eat it with me!
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