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Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy but sad shopping

Yesterday I went for a haircut after months of putting it off. Went and got a cheap cut as a hair model for a cut at Vidal Sassoon School on Avenue Road. The cut took forever and can be annoying at time since it is so slow, but it still looked nice and for less than $25, it's well worth it. We took the money we saved and went to Whole Foods at Hazelton Lanes in Yorkville area. While I was happy to have a Whole Foods to pick up some of my well loved supply of Quinoa, and organic fruits and vegetables that looked good. We finally found real Haricot Verts that we could buy! Thrilling. I was sad to find no Seitan, or plain soy milk. So, some good, and some sad. I guess there are just some things I can't get in Toronto? There's one more health food shop to check out for the Seitan and after that, I'll have to give it up. The best part I guess about the whole experience is that the butcher at the shop was a real butcher. Like I'm used to having. They know their meats and offer ideas and suggestions. I've seriously been missing out on that. Yes, it's a little far to go for a good butcher but may be well worth it. We've got one down on Bayview called Whitehouse Meats which seems good too. We'll have to try shopping there more before I can decide if they are up to par, but so far so good. And the saddest part of trying to find a butcher is a conversation with G's mom on Monday where she was raving about a butcher at a shop she likes. And all her raves where just regular services that a butcher provides. I mentioned that it was great, and that a butcher is supposed to do all those things. She counters with the fact that it isn't true and no one does that. And it made me very sad to know that there are a generation of people between the small town living and good downtown stores (Toronto or New York), that live in regular suburbia that's never had a butcher, and don't know how great that is. Now, my mission is to find a fishmonger. Meanwhile, we got yummy carrot cake cupcakes at the whole foods bakery and it's got me wanting to make some. I saw a recipe in the Domestic Goddess book and I'm determined to make good carrot cake since I love carrot cake and too many people make it with things I don't like: raisins and nuts.


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