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Monday, October 17, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us

G and I celebrated our anniversary on Saturday. We went out to get massages and had a nice dinner at my favourite restaurant in Toronto: Mistura. We had a fun and happy meal and I get left overs for lunch tomorrow! It's going to be great! (For Joc: G had a braised lamb ribs for appetizer, I had a lobster and crab bisque. For main, G had a rabbit dish, and I had macaroni Bolognese. We shared a Tiramisu for dessert.) The weekend was truly jammed packed for the last couple of weeks. Last weekend was even a long weekend, but didn't much feel like one I think since we had to run around and do so much! Last weekend, my parents came over for thanksgiving, so of course, the round of cleaning and cooking. It was a little frantic. G had a wedding to go to as well. We also took advantage of IKEA coupons that our friends Lenore and Aaron gave us and went to buy accessories that we've been putting off. This weekend, so much more of the same except it was a shorter weekend. We went to Ikea again, to use the second coupon that we had. Had to go do the round of cleaning, shopping and cooking as G's parents came over tonight for dinner. Somewhere along the way this past two weekends, we also managed to go to home depot to buy dimmer switches, pick up light bulbs for free, hooks; pick up lighting from EQ3 and install all of them. Okay, some of the hooks are still not done, but I'm not rushing to get them done since we've accomplished so much. As gifts for our anniversary, we went to William Ashley and got dishes. They are on order from France currently and is about 3 more weeks before they come in. I can't wait. We picked a pattern that we really liked and got just the units that we wanted and are missing. Again, following through on the idea of just buying what we like and try to get to enjoy using them daily. As usual, the store suggested that we buy sets to save money, but given that we weren't that fond of the other pieces, why spend the money. We don't have the room for them and rather just use only what we like. So, yes, dishes are eclectic, but we don't care. I'm trusting that over time, all the sets will be used in such a way that it goes together since we like them all. There is finally lighting in the living room and I love it. Something about overhead lighting that I really can appreciate. So, while G's on business trip this weekend, I'll be attempting to set-up for photo shoot and get some 'after' shots of the apartment in it's current state. Still work in progress, but needs some interim shots anyway. I must say, that I'm pleased that all the parents coming over for visits are done. Whew! I almost feel less stressed. But I have a feeling I'll still be going crazy cleaning house the next time they come over. Not like we live in a slovenly state all the time, but I guess I expect parents to be clean inspectors. Menu for Thanksgiving dinner: (mom is vegetarian.) Menu for Oct. 16th dinner: Lessons from our dinners: We need to buy more forks!


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