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Monday, October 03, 2005

Domestic Goddess like

Sunday: A load of laundry as I work on Osso Buco. G thinks it's the best dish I make. Ah... I feel better. Been feeling rather down about cooking etc. since G has been getting all the praises about how wonderful his cooking is, and how he's a such a cook, and etc. etc. I've nothing anyone praises me for. Must prove I can also cook. I make my best dish. G likes it. I guess that's all I can get. After all, cooking is his thing, there's no competition. No point to try to convince anyone else that I can also cook. After all, even if I make something good, everyone will only be convinced that it's because I've been learning from him anyway. I do follow a good recipe and have watched food tv for years! Monday: Spent the last two hours (and a fair amount of time yesterday as well) organizing my file cabinet. File and get ride of papers galore. Shred a whole lot of papers to the point that I thought I smelled smoke from the shredder motor and had to give it a break in between while I file some more. Crazy. Now, to further rest my hands, I'll try to find a book and try to read. Maybe make some tea.


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