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Friday, September 02, 2005


I just came back from my first real bike ride. We went all the way up to the Paint store (where G carried in his back pack the last gallon of paint.) and we had dinner at Korean noodle house. We then came back home. I think all in all, it was about an hour to hour and a half of riding. I think I'm going to hurt tomorrow. At one point, one pathetic hill had me on my lowest gear and panting. I'm so out of shape! But I figured it was a good start. Yes I was riding on the side walk and total menace in some people's eyes. But I said excuse me and thank you! If only I could have ridden with a new rider sign like with new drivers so everyone can look out for me and give me a break it would have been better. At one point, two pedestrians gave me the show down, and I had to give since I was riding on their side walk. Honestly, I think the man and woman were just bitchy. Whatever! I'm on a mini-high anyway.


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