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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Small Projects

In an effort to make do without buying new furniture pieces for the bedroom, I've taken to painting them to match the room. An Ikea storage bench has got a new coat of primer and paint today. Tomorrow it gets coat number two and I believe a faux finish. We'll see how adventures I become! Been looking at the nesting tables that's in the apt right now and thinking they could use a new coat of paint as well. So, I may take that up if I can only decide on the paint colour for them. Well, of course, still need to get G's okay to make sure he doesn't need to keep them the way they are for any reason. I've got the paint, so why not refinish these pieces to fit the decor better and save me the money. It costs only time after all and I've got that. Especially today since I had no tv to watch, no cable or phone service because some construction people accidentally (at least I assume so) cut a fibre cable near by at about 1 pm. Nothing's restored yet! It's only been 10 hours or so. Oh I'm so calling to make sure I get reimbursed on the bill! I did manage to get some painting done, a book started and finished and tried to catch up on some of the listening of my podcast programs. Ah, what can happened when I'm not distracted by technology. I do, however, start to feel a little like I'm relaxing for a change. Don't have any real big deadlines and projects on the go while I wind down on the decorating phase 1 and before picking up any new projects. Will try to make the most of this.


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