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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Menu Creation

G's sister is in charge of Visuals for all the William Sonoma stores in Canada. She's doing a bridal table in the flag ship store downtown and needed help with making some menus. So, she's asked if I can help her with it.
Due to the time constraints, I didn't go too all out.

Didn't even come up with my own menu and didn't do the calligraphy by hand. I totally ripped off Jocelyn's wonderful wedding menu, hands down the best food I've had at a wedding. I sure hope she doesn't mind!
So, this is what I came up with. Not too bad I think. Oh, and it's all pink since she said pink was her theme for the table. I wanted to do a LOT more modern of a look with more curves and geometrics but due to lack of time and given the target audience, I pulled it back a bit. Maybe next time I'll do the extra modern look that I wanted to try. I may just make them for fun anyway. We'll see.


I did manage to have some fun playing with it and used my new desks as planned.


Nice menu!!!!! :) You have good taste!
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