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Monday, September 26, 2005

Knit Wit

I've been giving my cross stitch a nice amount of attention of late. Started a project and is nearly finished it. (okay, it's small.) Finished something not long ago and ready to start on more. But my knitting has been on the back burner. I started a dog sweater months and months ago, but it wasn't a success and I left it unfinished but a bit of a mess and haven't really picked up a pair of needles since.
Well, no more, on Friday, I finally did a bit of a yarn inventory and ripped up the dog sweater and the other work in progress that wasn't going anywhere so that they can't haunt me, and dove right into searching for a pattern to knit myself a hat for my shearling coat. I'm sure brought on my the recent cold two days. (Today doesn't count, we were dying of heat walking outside, it felt like summer!).

I finally found the pattern I was settled to do on Saturday morning, and on Saturday afternoon, I was at the yarn store buying yarn for it and a little stash, as one of my favourite yarns was discounted for discontinued colours. Both of the discontinued colours were great for my coat, so, I got hat yarn, and scarf yarn if not something for mittens too.

Hat of course, was promptly started. I haven't knitted a straight forward pattern in ages on such fat yarn, I've forgotten how quickly it can be to do. Aran weight yarn, but since knitting my purple sweater, anything bigger than that yarn is fat to me. With a little bit of work on it on the subway today and in front of the tv tonight. The thing is nearly done. I'm looking at finishing it tomorrow.

G laughs at me, but I've been going around the whole weekend making knitting motions with my hands and giggling with anticipation of doing some knitting when I'm away from it; say, on the way to and from Home Depot.

I've forgotten how much I love knitting as it is more portable and more quickly satisfying than the stitching that I do. All that matters right now is that I'm looking at having my woolly stuff by winter to use with the coat. There's so nothing wrong with that!

And my score of the day, we went to word on the street fair today at Queen's Park in Toronto, and picked up a recent copy of interweave knits for 25 cents!! How cool is that! sadly it was the last copy that I could find and the place was a mad house with everyone scrabbling for the 4 magazines for a buck deal. But we walked away happy with some cool magazines and I got a bunch of Edward Gorey books on sale.

Random details:
Yarn store closest to my house: Passionknit. Store is nicer than the website.
I'm so out of shape now compared to my New York living days (which wasn't great), that spending a day outside walking today left me completely exhausted.
I so need to get a part time job to get me out of the house.
We went and got some lighting pieces last weekend which hasn't come in yet, so soon, those would be here and installed. We just started today to look at window treatments.


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