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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chaos and more chaos to come

I've hardly been able to spend much time on my computer without feeling depressed. Last week my computer had a problem and I've lost data for the past few months. I'm hoping my backups will help me recover my data at least from before the move. But everything after will still be lost. Sadness. On the other hand, the bedroom closet was completed this past long weekend. I'm still doing some trim painting here and there and touch ups. The loveseat and the ottoman have arrived and I'm sitting and using both at the moment. At least I'm comfortable. And they do look good. My boxes will arrive this Friday coming up and this place will be a disaster zone. I'm so not looking forward to it. I want my stuff. But I'm really having a rough time with the fact that there will be so many boxes to step over here in one more day. Having to wake up and be awake before they get here at 8am will also be a problem. So, crazy days to come really soon.


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