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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Road Trip Summary

G and I take a road trip to drive down to the States for my friend Jocelyn's wedding. I've also got the honour of being a part of the bridal party as I'm a bridesmaid. The wedding is in Bergen County New Jersey and we'll need a car in the area. So, to save some money (prudent given my current Lady of Leisure role), we decide to do a road trip and combine this weekend with some additional vacation days. Sadly G had to do some work on trip, I bring the PowerBook. I can't complain too much. I know what that's like. I can only be happy that I don't have to did not have to do it as well myself. Road Trip: We start out Wednesday night and stay outside of Syracuse for the night. Hoboken. Get my haircut in time for the wedding in NYC. Wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in NJ. Wedding!!!! Relax for a bit before starting driving again. Head to Boston Area to visit my friends Mark and Jeff on the way back home. Drive home. Highlights by area: Overall: G letting me take our trip on a slight detour so that we can go to a cross stitch shop in Arlington so I can stash a little. First buying of cross stitch in person in ages. And it was delightful to see Nicole's Valentine Stitchery charts in the shop. G doing the driving. However, I did navigate and I have to say that I am the best navigator and passenger a boyfriend can as for. That's until my job is replaced by GPS and truck monkey, which wouldn't be too bad for me, as I'll be able to sleep the whole way. Hoboken: Dave's condo is beautiful and comfortable and so much bigger than ours, it was so nice to stay at his place. Having a parking spot made our lives so much better too. He's even got the style of facets in the guest bath that I want to get, what more can one ask for. Heading into NYC with such ease and getting my hair cut done. Manhattan: My last hair cut with my wonderful stylist Vita at Artista Salon for a while. Eating at Olive Garden. Getting to spend a little time with Terry and Liz before heading back to Chez Dave. Bergen County: The wedding reception was hands down the best one I've been at or participated in, and well, I've been in too many to count. Florentine Gardens really know what they were doing and that made all the difference. They were well choreographed and professional, service oriented and really helped make the even seamless. Extremely impressed! Of course, the bride was beautiful and it was a beautiful day. Getting to see my friends at the wedding!Cheesecake factory, eating desserts after trying to be good for so long to make sure I can fit into my dress. Actually doing some of the cross stitch on Jocelyn's wedding piece at the hotel after the wedding. It's the first stitching I've done in ages. It was nice to relax and stitch instead of doing house stuff. King Size bed at the Hotel! Boston: Mama Maria. Dinner started out with J getting half a glass of Champagne poured down the back of his shirt, the wait-staff being totally confused as to who should serve us, and thus, not serving us for 15 to 20 minutes. But once that was straightened out, they really did manage to make it up to us. Service much improved and a good bottle of complimentary wine was super. The food was great all around from drinks to dessert and it's still the best Osso Buco I've ever had anywhere. I'm hungry just thinking about it. Cambridge :Hotel @ MIT was fun. King size bed, again, was great. The decor had all the geek things one would love. The bed scarf even had equations on it. I'm so tempted to get one of my own! At least I wasn't geeky enough to read the equations carefully to check if they were correct or what topic it was. Spending time with M and J. J making us all a great breakfast. Finally walking around the Harvard campus after so many visits and not seeing it. A beautiful spring like day so we didn't bake in the heat like the previous day. Disappointments:Not getting to visit Nicole this time around. Not having enough time with my friends whom I haven't seen for a while. Not getting in more cross stitch store visits. Okay, somehow that's never enough.


Ok, I am a bit disappointed you did not
Ok, I am a bit disappointed you did not actually check to make sure the equations on the MIT hotel bed scarf were correct. Are you losing your geekiness!!!???? I am dying to know what the bed scarf looks like, but I couldn't find it on the MIT hotel web site.
I'm sad to report that I totally forgot to even take a picture of the bed scarf. I think I'm avoiding my geekiness. G looks at me funny when I'm too geeky. Then again, everyone else does too... :)
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