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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Productive weekend, aka, "Yes, I'm still a stingy with the paint"

So, Living room walls are mostly painted now. We've been painting with latex and it's been pretty fume free. Tonight however, we painted even though it was raining outside and it was a bad idea. No wonder they say if you paint on rainny days it traps the moisture in the paint. The Paint fumes was really smelly and gave me a headache. We had to get out after that, and we went to watch a movie. Came back and assembled our Elfa hall reach-in closet, the components of which we purchased yesterday. It was relatively easy to put together and all the hanging components are completed. We had to stop and get dinner after that since we were starved, which leaves me to build the rolling cart tomorrow. It's looking well and with some minor adjustments, we'll have so much more effective storage in the hall closet. The apartment has entered new states of chaos but pockets are gaining sanity. I'll take what I can get as I stand at my computer typing at the kitchen counter as currently there are no chairs nor other appropriate typing surface. Horray for wireless networking and powerbooks. Oh a technology frown note, I had a scare last night. I went and borrowed a USB CF card reader from my friends to transfer the road trip photos onto the computer and the 1GB card said no photos!!! That was the one with all the photos from the wedding, so that was NOT GOOD. Luckily, the software the came with the card to do "Image Rescue" did work and I did recover all the photos. Thank goodness!! So, I'm currently working on fixing up the images so I can up load them for all who are waiting for them. Here's a quick pic of me walking down the aisle at church in my bridesmaid dress taken by G: meAsile.jpg


You were a stunning bridesmaid!!! Absolutely beautiful!! Marlene even said "May looks so cute!" when she saw the pictures!!!
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