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Monday, July 25, 2005

New bed is here... s_Lumber Stories with a bike thrown in.

After ambiguous co-ordination of delivery of the bed, it was delivered and set-up in the bed room. Looks great. What's not great? Just need to get some wood cut up so we can put in on top of the slats so we can put the mattress on a platform. Should have been simple task, but we went to TWO hardware stores and didn't walk out with wood since both their saws were broken. What the hell? G's pissed about the whole thing. I was surprisingly relaxed as he puts it. True. I figure, we'll get it figure out tomorrow at least. Honestly wasn't like me to be so not upset! As I type, G's out scouting hardware stores while I'm at home. I was so cramping his style at the lumber section. I was so out of my element it was so much worst than at the bike store. Let's say at some point in the walk around at Home Depot, G had to explain what a two by four is. I was stumped by MDF at the store and I had to look that up just now. For your reference, MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard. While in second hardware store, I pick up more paint so I can finish up the trim in the living room. At least I know paint. Since delivery of 18 boxes, we've got all the Ikea assembled and are ready to put things in them, but they are not in proper position yet. Just a little painting left to go and we'll get there. Now that the bed's delivered, the last of the bedroom painting can be done as well. Looking forward to that work tomorrow. Furniture realization of the night. Our best furniture is in the bedroom. And we went and picked up my bike today. Love it. It's so pretty and shiny but bound to get banged up soon enough. I got a helmet that G says makes me look really sporty, but I think I just look like a dork. Pictures soon of the whole get up. My favourite feature of my new bike? The basket. Okay, I'm so girlie. At least it's not a straw basket. I can't wait to put a baguette in it. But for now, the truth is that I'm extremely wobbly on it. G keeps suggesting I shift gears to try it out and I've never done that before, just seems scary to me. So, looks like a lot of parking lot practice for me before I get enough confidence to really go out on it. But for now, it's nice to think about all the places we can go on it. G's called to say that he's got the lumber, and I'll have to go meet him downstairs to bring them up. Off to work I go.

Ohh you have a basket on your bike!!!! Too cute!!!!! You just need a little doggie to go in the basket now. :)
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