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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Catching up

As you've seen, I've been out of commission on entries for a while now. Almost a month. So here's what's been going on. First of all, there's a New York Closing out apt trip summary; Redecorating activities summary, and finally road trip summary. So all of that to come and that should get us more caught up. Decorating Activities summary: While I was busy in New York Closing up the other apartment, G was at home starting the painting of the bed room. He did a great job and got all the walls and ceiling done while I was away. Granted, I was away longer than we expected. The walls still needs touch ups, but the colours turned out nicer than he expected and fully met my expectations. We came to decision on the trim colour when I got back and I went to work on painting the trim and closet doors. Last coat of the trim paint on the floors was put down today and only the entrance trim and door remains. However, given that I've got furniture to move in and out, we're doing that afterwards to save the trouble from possible scuffles. The Living room painting has started. One wall is done but took many coats due to the colour transparency but it's turned out great. We both love the colour more and more as we look at it. It was painful to paint but the results were well worth it. We'll be starting on the rest of the walls in the living room space this weekend. During the few days between US trips, we also put most of the bathroom furniture together. Yes, I went with Ikea for the cost and it was easy to put together. I was disappointed that one of the wall units could not be put up due to poor measuring on my part. So, we'll have to return that piece. We are still waiting for one more unit to come into stock. But no phone call yet. I'm much happier that we've got the bathroom better organized and the space is better used. It's not quite what I wanted yet, but it's really getting there, which makes me happy. We're pretty impressed with the new Ikea furniture. The engineering geeks in us were really impressed with the new design joints and pieces. It made it all the more fun to assemble I guess. However, it was still surprisingly tiring to assemble and install. I'm sad to report that the condo really has cheap construction. The drywall is much thinner than I expected! Next week, we should be getting the new mattress and bedroom frame delivered so, we've got to move out the existing furniture. So, not only is it a pain for us to get a cargo van, reserve elevator space, but we'll need muscle. Sadly, G's only got a few possible friends to help. Sadly, my muscles won't be enough to help and well, I've no muscle here. He did manage to get a friend to help out tomorrow which was great. Tomorrow, we'll be moving out the current bed and mattress and we'll have to sleep on the floor for days. Then, more painting in the living room area and I hope to get the living room layout done. We may feel productive enough to try to get one of the closets set up. G's been saying he wants to try the hall closet first. I'll be happy with either bedroom closet or hall closet, any progress is good. We've got the first credit card bill with the furniture on it this week as well. It's so much that G got his credit limit increased. Ouch. Trip summaries to come..


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